Education 4.0

by Roger Espadas

Roger Espadas


Picture this in your head: it’s Friday evening, Teacher X finally turns off her computer and plunges on the couch. She is exhausted and feels frustrated. She has worked a lot to adapt her syllabus to the new trend of “implementing technology”. She created quizzes and exams online and her students are now using apps for language learning. But nothing seems to work. Grades are still not good and parents complain their kids are not learning. Why does that happen? Most likely, Teacher X is working hard but she is just using tools of Education 3.0 to replicate techniques and strategies of Education 2.0. This is the problem. There needs to be a major shift in our mindset if we are to teach students that were born in the times of Education 4.0. The demands are completely different from those of previous industrial revolutions. We, as teachers, must understand and learn those demands to prepare our students for jobs that do not even exist now. In this workshop, we will identify those demands and point out possible beginnings for the major shift to take place.

About the author

Roger Espadas

Roger Espadas started his career as a language teacher in Europe in 2000 and ever since he has been searching for new ways to facilitate language acquisition to students. Roger holds a B. A. in English Language Teaching from Ceneval Mexico and he has taught at UNAM, The Anglo, and Tec de Monterrey. For the latter, he was the founder of CEDDIE, an institutional board that promoted ideas for improving teaching techniques and making those ideas come true. Roger has lectured on Pronunciation, eLearning and Gamification for a myriad of institutions in Mexico and Latin America. Roger is currently working at Empreser ELT as an International Academic Consultant and Regional Product Manager for MM Publications.