Teaching Online – How to Smoothly Adapt to a Remote Teaching Environment

by Gregg Sotiropoulos

Gregg Sotiropoulos


In the past months, teachers have been required to take their teaching online. Unfortunately, most teachers were unprepared and struggled to teach online and motivate their students at the same time. In this webinar, we will go over the basic principles of teaching online and tackle the common issues and challenges that arise in an online teaching/learning environment. We will explore basic online tools and applications essential to a virtual classroom and discuss techniques to make the teaching process smoother for teachers and more effective for students. At the end of this webinar, teachers will feel more confident teaching remotely and be able to adapt their lessons to suit the needs of a virtual classroom.

About the author

Gregg Sotiropoulos

Beginning his career in education in 1996 as an elementary school teacher in New York, Gregg continues to this day to motivate, inspire and coach both teachers and students worldwide. In today’s everchanging society his approach to education is led by the guiding principle of “filotimo”, simply translated by “doing good”. He holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Education and Art and an MBA with a focus on managerial interactions. Gregg has participated in numerous conferences delivering plenaries, workshops, and seminars concentrating on Leadership, Coaching, Motivation, and Professional Development. He is currently working for MM Publications as an ELT Academic Consultant and teacher trainer.