Exploring English as a foreign language classroom interactions: Factors that impact on learner performance during speaking practice

by Edgar Emmanuell García Ponce

Roger Espadas


This book presents in‐depth explorations of uncontrolled interactions for speaking practice in three English as a foreign language (EFL) classrooms in a university in Mexico, where learners study language and teaching modules in order to become language teachers. The book crosses the traditional methodological boundary associated with interactionist research which focuses on interactional patterns, and presents an alternative approach which involves both interactional and perceptual evidence to explore interactions in EFL classrooms. Specifically, the explorations in this book draw attention to the role of teaching and learning ideologies in language learning outcomes, showing how teachers’ and learners’ diverse and sometimes conflicting beliefs shape the structure and nature of classroom interactions. In particular, these explorations address how teachers’ and learners’ interactional- and teaching and learning-related choices and beliefs are influential on three aspects of learner talk: language performance indicated by levels of fluency, complexity and accuracy, use of discourse functions, and negotiations of meaning. The book concludes that there is an interrelated set of cognitive, practical and interactional factors which shape classroom interactions and in turn learners’ language achievement.

About the author

Edgar Emmanuell García Ponce

Edgar Emmanuell García-Ponce Departamento de Lenguas, Universidad de Guanajuato ee.garcia@ugto.mx He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics (UAEMex) and a PhD in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (University of Birmingham, UK). He is currently studying a specialisation degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language Teaching at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). His research interests are focused on classroom interactions and teacher and student cognitions. He has recently worked on projects funded by the British Council and TOEFL research program. He is currently a member the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI), and coordinates the BA in ELT at the Universidad de Guanajuato.