Feedback for learning rather than feedback of learning

by Erika Lizarraga Robles

Speaker 1


“...the appropriate and effective management of interaction between people who, to some degree or another, represent different or divergent affective, cognitive, and behavioural orientations to the world”. Spitzberg, B. H., & Chagnon, G. (2009) Conceptualizing intercultural competence. The purpose of this talk is to understand that the teaching of culture in the foreign language classroom attempts to show that culture holds an important role in foreign language education.

About the author

Erika Lizarraga Robles

Erika Lizárraga holds a BA in English Literature from UNAM and in Teaching English from CENEVAL and a Dip RSA from Cambridge ESOL. She is a material writer, a certified oral examiner, and a validated trainer from the University of London, to deliver CPD and Core Skill courses. She has given seminars in Mexico, Central, South America and Asia.

Erika Lizárraga is a Freelance Trainer, Consultant, Trainer on-line, Coordinator of different projects at the British Council (i.e. IELTS, CAE, Language Courses, ICELT, CELT-P, and CELT-S etc.) Material writer for Pearson, Oxford, Richmond, Trillas.