Remote Vs F2F teaching: The best of both worlds

by Milton Bradbury

Speaker 1


Teaching during COVID has been learning experience for everyone. We have significantly adapted our teaching to respond to transitions to online learning, back to F2F, and for some, a hybrid classroom. During this time, some teaching practices have undergone changes. For example, many classrooms have now become completely paperless.

As we begin to return to traditional classrooms, how can we ensure all the positive changes we have come to value aren’t forgotten? This session will examine and review how digital tools can be used in both F2F and online learning to ensure best practice.

About the author

Milton Bradbury

Milton Bradbury is the Senior Teacher for adult courses at British Council Mexico. He has been in ELT for over 10 years working as a teacher, teacher trainer, and is now working as an academic manager of adult courses. His main interests in ELT include technology, assessment and teacher training.