Learning to make a change

by Hayo Reinders

Speaker 1


Where To From Here?

Best Practices in Online & Blended Language Teaching

It is hard to overstate how much our recent experiences will be with us for months and years to come. For better or for worse, we all have done our part to support our learners and look after our colleagues. Much good will come from this. A greater appreciation of personal relationships, the power of communities, and the resilience of our profession are only some examples of how we will emerge stronger than before. Another is our first-hand experience of the numerous benefits as well as the numerous drawbacks of technology.

Now is not the time to rush back to the classroom and forget about the valuable lessons we have learned. Instead, it is a time for reflection and an opportunity to seize the moment to take what has served us well and leave behind what has not.

In this talk I will cover some of the more pressing questions: How has technology helped us and where did it get in the way? How can we use what we have learned to open up our classrooms, to extend learning beyond a single space and time? What have we learned about how to create and sustain vibrant learning communities? What skills do we need to develop ourselves and in our learners?

I will share with you some of the best practices that have emerged over the last year around the world and suggest ways in which online and blended learning can find their place in the new world of language learning and teaching.

The World Needs YOU!

Starting Out on the Journey From Teacher to Teacher-Leader

A common misperception of leadership is that it requires a position ‘at the top’. Directors, managers and principals are leaders, the rest are expected to follow. 21st century challenges are such that this model no longer works. We all need to step up and do our part. This means knowing how to ‘lead from behind’, how to inspire colleagues, learners and the institution’s management. This means knowing how to identify and anticipate problems or opportunities, how to alert and bring people on board, and how to collaborate to develop new ways of doing – and being. In this short workshop I will challenge your current perspectives on leadership and invite you to explore how YOU might realise your full potential to best serve the community you care about and to start on the journey from teacher to teacher-leader.

Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics for Language Teachers

The purposeof this workshop is to introduce the topics of educational data mining and learning analytics, and to explore how they may be relevant to improving learning and teaching, as well as enable new types of research. We will first explore the increasing range of data available to teachers and researchers about our students’ language learning journeys, the types and frequency of language input they receive and output they produce, as well as the various types of engagement data we now have access to. Next, we will look at ways in which such data can be gathered, analysed and put to use to improve language learning and teaching.

About the author

Hayo Reinders

Dr. Hayo Reinders ( is TESOL Professor and Director of the doctoral programme at Anaheim University in the USA and Professor of Applied Linguistics at KMUTT in Thailand. Hayo is Editor of the journal Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching (published by Taylor & Francis) and edits a book series on “New Language Learning and Teaching Environments”. He founded the Institute for Teacher Leadership. His interest are in teacher empowerment, learner autonomy, and educational technology.