Focusing on clear Progress and Measurable Results to Enhance the Learning Process

by Janec Paredes Paredes & David Alejandro Lozano Rojas

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As a widely used language in the corporate environment, English plays a key role in a university graduate’s ability to land a position and remain employable. English Language Learners (ELLs) need tools to inform their progress; How good is my English? Am I progressing? What do I need to do next? Educators, on the other hand, need tools to guide students on their learning process while planning courses, delivering classes, assessing learning; in short tools that enable them to make objective, data-driven decisions. Students and educators alike benefit from key findings that the Global Scale of English research produced, as well as web-delivered assessment instruments that offer immediate, reliable results for students and graduates to demonstrate language proficiency. Join us for an informative and reflective session covering both Pearson’s Global Scale of English, and the Versant English Test. Increase your knowledge about their characteristics and benefits, as presented by our experienced Educational Coaches

About the authors

Janec Paredes Paredes

holds a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Universidad de los Andes- Venezuela. Her main areas of training include: Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching, Translation and Educational Coaching. Janec has been involved in the teaching field for more than 20 years and has participated in national & international educational events. She has taught in a range of educational settings including EFL, ESL, ESP, Business, as well as total immersion courses in English and Spanish as a foreign language. Janec is currently an ELT & School Academic Consultant for Pearson Mexico.

Speaker 1

David Alejandro Lozano Rojas

A skilled and highly qualified bilingual educator, David Lozano has been an active participant in education for the past two decades. He has a particular interest in high quality teacher training, and non-violent conflict prevention/intervention. An avid reader and coffee aficionado, he’s an Educational Coach for Pearson Education in Northeastern Mexico.