Congreso Internacional de Lenguas - Educación 4.0

Education 4.0

October 13 - 15, 2021

Online conference

The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo is organizing the Third International Language Conference

This conference offers opportunities for professional growth due to the exchange of ideas with researchers and fellow professionals involved in the language teaching and learning process, translation and interpretation.


Learning environments

Actions to be taken towards education 4.0 (teacher, student)


Evolution of teacher training and assessment

Addressed to

Teachers, students, linguists, language coordinators, self-learning advisors, researchers, interpreters, translators, and institutions interested in improving the quality of language learning.

Call for papers

Revista Lengua y cultura

The Revista Lengua y Cultura is an indexed magazine that compiles papers derived from research processes and the implementation of new strategies and techniques in the classrooms presented at the International Language Congress (CIL).


Ger ma ny

The third edition of CIL is honored to have Germany as the guest country. The UAEH Language Center and the Goethe-Institut Mexiko have been collaborating for the last years as part of a strong academic tie that allows students and teachers to apply for scholarships, academic mobility; and to participate in activities for cultural and academic exchange. The Goethe-Institut Mexiko is a cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany that promotes worldwide both the knowledge of German as a foreign language and international cultural cooperation.

Guest speakers

2nd Researchers in Language Teaching Forum

2nd Autonomous Language Learning and Practice Convention

1st Interpreters and Translators Forum

Publishing houses, language certification offices presentations and digital media


These special academic events will take place during CIL 2021

Researchers in Language Teaching Forum

This forum receives experts in the field of language teaching interested in sharing the results or status quo of their research works.

Autonomous Language Learning and Practice Convention

This convention is addressed to professionals in the field of language self-learning in order to discuss strategies and techniques.

Interpreters and Translators Forum

A forum for translators and interpreters to discuss topics related to their areas of expertise.

Programa CIL 2021

Visit the Cultural Pavilion CIL 2021

Visit the Editorial Pavilion CIL 2021


$1,000 MXN

$1,200 MXN

Valid costs until October 13, 2021

$500 MXN

Invoice requests

In case you need an invoice for the payment of the conference, please request it in the same month of your payment. Call

+52 771-71-72000 on extensions 4581 and 4582

or write to



The organization of this Conference has established six possible modalities for participation:

Lecture, Workshop, Discussion Table, Pecha Kucha, Barcamp, Poster presentation


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Goethe-Institut Mexiko

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany in the world. Promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and encourages international cultural cooperation.