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Ana Laura Martínez Vázquez holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching from UAEH, Mexico. She specializes in book editing and project management, having completed her studies at Universidad La Salle. Since 2006, she has been working as an academic consultant and teacher trainer. Previously, she served as a Sponsoring Editor for ELT materials published in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, catering to kinder, primary, and young-adult segments. Currently, Ana Laura works as the ELT Academic Director and Regional Portfolio Manager at Empreser ELT. She also holds a master’s degree in public Image Engineering and holds a diploma in Digital Image Management.
Exploring the Synergy of Social-Emotional Learning and English Education

Inglés Presencial Presentación editorial Congreso Internacional de Lenguas

During this pandemic, both teachers and students are feeling exhausted due to the constant shifts between in-person and online classrooms, as well as the ever-changing learning environment. On top of these challenges, there is the pervasive fear of the virus affecting all aspects of our lives. Motivation plays a crucial role in the learning process for young adult students, but it can often be difficult for us to boost their motivation without connecting their studies to their personal lives. Social-emotional learning approaches guide students in navigating this unstable reality by helping them understand and manage their emotions. This workshop will guide you through various social-emotional learning activities that teachers can integrate into their English classrooms. By doing so, teachers will gain insight into how to combine social-emotional learning with English education, ultimately fostering a more positive learning experience for their students.