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Dawn Bikowski, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Defense Language Institute. My academic background is in applied linguistics and educational technology. My research interests include educational technology, global teaching and learning, academic and professional communication; subtopics include English for Specific/Academic Purposes and English as the Medium of Instruction, intercultural communication, and second language writing. International conferences and workshops, curriculum development projects, and program assessments have taken me to several countries worldwide. I am the author of numerous journal articles and also co-authored the book Teaching with a Global Perspective: Practical Strategies from Course Design to Assessment. I have been invited to give several presentations and workshops internationally on the topic of EMI and have created grant-funded online courses for EMI for the US State Department.
Getting Started with EMI: Practical Steps and Strategies

Inglés Presencial Plenaria Congreso Internacional de Lenguas

The presentation will offer 3 best practices that teachers can use today as they teach their EMI courses. Specifically, it will discuss how teachers can assess students’ needs in studying content in English; support students as they learn content in English; and design and implement interactive lessons. The presentation also discusses strategies to overcome some of the challenges that arise in the EMI class. Discussion and QA time will be provided.


Supporting Students in Your EMI Course

Inglés Presencial Taller Congreso Internacional de Lenguas

A crucial key to the success of an EMI course is providing sufficient support for students. One component of student support is to train students on how to learn content in English while also raising their English language proficiency. Another component is having clear learning objectives that are tied to course content and assessments. In this workshop, participants will first learn about EMI best practices in supporting students. We will then look at sample student support materials and then participants will create their own materials for their own EMI courses that they are teaching now or will be in the future.