Peace Corps
Erik Lundell has forty years of language teaching and teacher training experience. He started out as a high school Spanish teacher but switched to ESL because he found teaching adult non-native speakers of English more rewarding. His combined love ofteaching ESL and traveling motivated him to work abroad. He has since worked in fivecountries for nearly fifteen years. Along the way, his focus shifted from teachingEnglish to training English teachers. Currently, he is a Peace Corps Response Volunteerat UAEH with the goal of helping TEFL teachers at UAEH improve both their languageand teaching skills.
Content-Based Instruction

Inglés Presencial Taller Congreso Internacional de Lenguas

The goal of this workshop is to broaden awareness of the challenges that are inherent in Content- Based Instruction and to suggest effective ways in making both content and language more accessible to ESL/EFL learners. Participants will discuss what it means to be functionally literate and how literacy encompasses not just reading, writing and vocabulary knowledge but also cultural understanding. In pairs or in small groups they will analyze texts from various content areas and determine what literacy and language elements may cause problems for non-native English-speaking students. They will then suggest how these items may be taught in ways that make both content and language more accessible to ESL/EFL learners.