University of New Mexico
Dr. Paul Edmunds has over 20 years of experience in global education, academic teaching with a focus on language learning and teaching methods, and international program administration. Dr. Edmunds earned his doctorate in Linguistics with a Concentration in Speech and Hearing Sciences. He holds academic titles at the University of New Mexico in the Departments of Linguistics, Speech and Hearing Sciences, and Educational Linguistics. He is the Director of the university’s intensive English center for international students and the Associate Director of the Global Education Office.
Motivation and Leadership in Language Learning: Strategies for Success in the Classroom

Inglés Virtual Plenaria Congreso Internacional de Lenguas

In addition to factors such as cultural backgrounds, age, level of proficiency, and learning styles, we know that motivation is a vital factor for successful language learning in our students. What motivates your students, and what can we do to connect and stimulate motivation in the language classroom? In this presentation, I provide strategies to improve engagement in learning and improvement of language skills by considering factors such as intrinsic, instrumental, and integrative motivation. Elements that interplay with motivation such as expectancy-value theory and growth mindset will be discussed, along with elements for implementing leadership skills among students. Participants will gain insight for strategies to maximize the learning experience of their students in positive and dynamic ways.